Washington Leadership Academy is an open-enrollment public charter high school in the heart of Washington, D.C. We are proud to be 1 of 10 XQ Super Schools in the U.S.!

Our students learn via personalized academics, experience real-world practice, create and consume tech, and graduate as lifelong learners and agents for positive change. Our graduates will succeed in college and become our public leaders.

Our Model

Our model produces results! View our 2016-2017 results here


We are a free, open enrollment, non-selective public charter high school. We serve all students regardless of background, level, religion, race, special needs, sexuality, color, or creed.

Real-World Practice

Our curriculum includes project-based learning and real-world experiences including internships for all students to ensure that our graduates are prepared for success in college and lives of public leadership.

Personalized Academics

Students move at their own pace, select their own topics, and receive personalized, data-driven instruction. Our kids learn via group projects, adaptive software, direct instruction, flipped instruction, virtual reality, and more. 

Tech Creation

Our kids are tech creators, not just consumers. During the 9th grade, our kids take the CIW web development certification exam as their final CS exam. During the 10th grade, all of our kids take AP Computer Science Principles. Stay tuned for 11th and 12th!

Sharing Lessons Learned

We are committed to sharing our tools, methods, successes and failures, tech choices, and school development resources. Visit a portal of our open resources here. Reach out to info@wlapcs.org if need something that you don't see.

Thank You to Our Partners & Funders