Highlights for Students

Free Public Charter School

WLA is free for D.C. residents. Minor costs will be incurred for uniforms and activity fees and lunch if FRPL does not apply.

Computers For Each Student

All students receive a laptop computer that they will use every day at school.

Full College Prep Program

Students will receive high-quality college preparation and counseling all four years.

Top Faculty Talent

The WLA staff consists of some of the most talented leaders and teachers anywhere across the country.

Convenient Location

WLA is located at the heart of the historic neighborhood of Brookland in Northeast D.C., 10 minutes away from the Brookland/Catholic University Metro Station.


All students will gain resumé-building, real-world experience through a comprehensive 11th-grade internship.


All students will be assigned a "House" upon entry into WLA. This Harry-Potter inspired tradition builds relationships and healthy competition throughout the WLA experience!

“During Advisory Periods, we get to know our students and their goals and ensure they are set up to achieve them.”

— Anthony Guyton, Dean of Students