A Competitive Academic Program

WLA’s academic model is comprised of the most rigorous and enriching programs from the top high schools across the country. WLA students will graduate with the preparation necessary to succeed in the finest colleges and universities and in lives of public leadership.

What Makes WLA Special

Leadership Instruction & Internships

All students will receive instruction in essential leadership skills as well as engage in an internship in the D.C. community.

Our curriculum prepares students for the way the world will be, so that our students are prepared to be our leaders in the future.

Technology Curriculum & Project Development

All students learn computer science and development basics so that they become creators of technology rather than consumers. 


WLA students will take college preparatory courses in all core subjects plus Computer Science + Technology and Leadership. Students will also be able to select from a range of electives every year including Robotics, Advanced Coding, DJ Basics, and Photography, among many others.

Computer Science & Technology

Students will learn the foundations of CS, take an AP CS course, and then follow different tech content paths based on their interests.


Students will study and practice goal-setting, community engagement, self-advocacy, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and so much more.


Students will begin with pre-AP World History and then progress through a rigorous sequence of courses including several AP offerings.

English Language Arts

WLA utilizes the Odell Education curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards, culminating in AP courses.


WLA utilizes the EngageNY curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards, culminating in AP courses.


Students will study integrated science during the first two years, culminating in a selection of AP courses.

The WLA Curriculum Combines National Best Practices

For three years, the WLA team traveled to over 40 schools across the country to gather ideas and best practices. The result is a curriculum that combines rigorous content with project-based learning opportunities with real world experiences for students.


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“In the coming years, we should offer every student the hands-on computer science classes that make them job-ready on day one.”

— President Barack Obama, 2016 State of the Union