Congratulations to our incredible team of staff and students - we are rated Tier 1!

Check out our results here - we are proud to be one of the highest performing high schools in Washington, D.C.!

Washington Leadership Academy is an open-enrollment public charter high school in the heart of Washington, D.C. We are proud to be one of the first ten XQ Super Schools in the U.S.!

Our students learn via personalized academics, experience real-world practice, create and utilize leading tech, and graduate as lifelong learners and agents for positive change. Our graduates will succeed in college and become our public leaders.

We share our school development materials and lessons learned openly. You can access them here.

What We Offer

Computer Code Icon Creation and Utilization of Leading Tech
Badge Icon Real-World Experiences
Graduation Cap Icon Personalized Academics

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At WLA we’re combining traditional teaching best practices with the latest technologies to maximize personalization for students.

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Join our team of Ph.D.s, Army Captains, Award-Winning Teach for America Alumni, and more.

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“This is a school that is going to develop the new generation - a generation of advocates, computer scientists, engineers, politicians, community leaders and more that will have ripple effects that will influence us all.”

— Zoe Valladares, Founding Student, Class of 2020