To ensure students are prepared for their life beyond high school, they must engage in the world today.  All Juniors at Washington Leadership Academy (WLA) are required to complete an internship with a community organization in order to achieve this goal.

The mission of the Junior Internship is to engage students in career paths to help them explore current interests, uncover unknown interests, and ultimately narrow the focus of their pursuits post-secondary school.


  • Students will gain exposure to different career paths that help them narrow their college and career pursuits post-secondary school
  • Students will contribute to the work of their organization by completing assigned tasks and taking initiative in the absence of assigned tasks
  • Students will develop meaningful relationships with their colleagues
  • Students will successfully adapt to the workplace of their organization

The WLA Internship Program relies on our community to create opportunities for our students to participate in and complete this valuable experience!  If you're interested in participating, but would like to learn more, please email the Director of Experiential Learning, Stephanie Remick: sremick@wlapcs.org


June 1, 2018: Internship Registration Begins!

Aug 31, 2018: Internship Registration Closes

Sept 28, 2018: Interview Friday

  • Organizations can schedule interviews with their candidates beginning at 9:30am on Interview Friday's
  • Interviews can take place at the following locations:

    • The office of the Host Supervisor

    • At Washington Leadership Academy (with email confirmation from the Intern Coordinator)

    • Via phone

Oct 5, 2018: WLA Closed!

  • Organizations can schedule interviews with students on this date, despite the school being closed!  Interviews can NOT be scheduled at the school, but should occur at the Host Supervisor’s office or via phone.

Oct 12, 2018: Interview Friday

Oct 19, 2018: Interview Friday

Nov 2, 2018: Interview Deadline

  • Students are expected to have completed at least 3 interviews by this date

Nov 9, 2018: Interview Fair

  • Students without a placement and Organizations without Interns will participate in the Interview Fair to identify a final match

Nov 14, 2018: Withdrawal Date

  • Organizations who are no longer able to participate in the WLA Internship Program must inform the Intern Coordinator by this date.

Nov 16, 2018: Internship Match Day

  • A celebration, similar to medical schools’ Residency Match Day, during which students learn their final Fellowship placements.  Organizations are invited, but not required to attend.

Dec 7, 2018: OnBoarding Day

  • Organizations host students, approximately 9:30am-12:30pm, for an orientation at their office.  OnBoarding Day is an opportunity for students to practice their commute, complete necessary paperwork, meet their colleagues, and gain insights for their development of their Initiative Project.

Feb 1, 2019: Internship begins!

  • Beginning on this date, the Internship experience officially begins!  Students will go directly to the organization according to the schedule provided by the Host Supervisor from this Friday through the remainder of the school year.

June 14, 2019: Internship Ends!

  • This is the final Friday of the Internship experience.  Host Supervisors will be expected to submit their final evaluation and verify the number of completed Internship hours by 5pm on this date.