To ensure students are prepared for their life beyond high school, they must engage in the world today. All Juniors at Washington Leadership Academy (WLA) are required to complete an internship with a community organization in order to achieve this goal.

The mission of the Junior Internship is to engage students in career paths to help them explore current interests, uncover unknown interests, and ultimately narrow the focus of their pursuits post-secondary school.

Internship dates at a glance...

June 3, 2019: Internship Registration Begins!

Aug 30, 2019: Internship Registration Closes

Sept 13, 2019: Internship Fair @ WLA

Oct 4, 2019: Interview Fair @ WLA

Oct 18, 2019: Interview Friday

Oct 25, 2019: Interview Friday & Interview Deadline

Nov 1, 2019: Host Contract Due & Final Withdrawal Date

Nov 6, 2019: Interview Rankings Due

Nov 15, 2019: Interview Fair @ WLA

Nov 22, 2019: Internship Match Day

Dec 13, 2019: OnBoarding Day

Feb 7, 2020: Internship begins!

Apr 10 & Apr 24, 2020: Internship Mid-Term @ WLA

May 1, 2020: Internship Resumes

May 29, 2020: Internship Ends!

June 7, 2020: Internship Closing Activities @ WLA

Stephanie Remick

Director of Experiential Learning

Questions about the Internship Program? Please contact the Director of Experiential Learning, Stephanie Remick:

Adriane Williams

Managing Director of the College & Career Department

Questions about serving as a Host Supervisor? Please contact the the Managing Director of the College & Career Department, Adriane Williams: