Request for Proposals: Virtual Reality Content

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Due to the number of vendors requesting additional time to complete a quality RFP, we are extending the deadline to Friday, April 20th 11:59PM PST. This is the final deadline. No proposals received after this deadline will be reviewed.

Contact for further information:

Jordan Budisantoso, AP Computer Science teacher, Civics and Virtual Reality teacher, 909-859-9684 or

Jacklyn Doig-Keys, AP World History teacher, Civics and Virtual Reality teacher, 202-256-2245 or

Submit to: Natalie Gould, Director of Operations,


We are looking to infuse Virtual Reality into our curriculum in several ways:

- Build four to seven robust and standards aligned historical experiences in Virtual Reality to help students learn about the Vietnam War

- Standards and unit plan provided here. Pay special attention to the Assessment section. Students’ learning will be assessed this way and will be vital to scaling these experiences to schools nationwide.

- We offer a VR development elective course (WebVR and Unity) to 15 students at our school. Our goal is that each student build their own high-quality civic aligned VR passion project. We seek a partner to help our students build their capacity in VR development.

- Virtual Reality designers support students with their current projects by providing feedback/consultation

- Let students have a peek into the development of the separate VR history experience (bullet point 1).


Request for Proposals: Implementation & Strategy

Due Date: March 30, 2018


Contact for further information: Stacy Kane, Co-Founder & Executive Director, 513-476-1780 or

Submit to: Natalie Gould, Director of Operations,


We’re looking for partners to help us completely reimagine high school!


At Washington Leadership Academy, we are rethinking public high school education from the ground up. From awarding credit based on mastery instead of time, to learning via leading edge technologies like virtual reality, to empowering students to lead restorative discipline practices, we’re innovating on everything. More about our model and results here.


Washington Leadership Academy was awarded the XQ Super Schools grant, a $10 million award over the course of five years to implement innovative initiatives that will transform high school education across the country. The winning application proposal is available to be viewed here.


We are looking for the best, brightest, and most diverse team of partners we can find to work with our team and all of our stakeholders to co-design the revolution in public high school education over the next five years!


Proposed Deliverables

Design a 5-year strategic plan for the realization of the XQ Super Schools application as proposed at WLA:

- Priority: High level design strategy for reimagining high school

- High-level priorities for each stakeholder group within WLA

- Strategic roadmap, to include key milestones to monitor progress

- Financial forecast and budget for 5-year grant timeline

- Key list of activities to be accomplished on a year-to-year basis in order to achieve goals

See the Complete RFP: Implementation & Strategy Plan


Intent to Award a Sole Source Contract

WLA intends to award a sole source contract to CommonLit. Read more here.

Intent to Award a Sole Source Contract

WLA intends to award a sole source contract to School Leader Lab. Read more here.